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Bath time is an important part of the daily routine with your baby. The right product choices can help make this time more enjoyable, comfortable and safe for both of Bath time is an important part of the daily routine with your baby. The right product choices Read More
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Books for Mums
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Bath time is one of the biggest parts of a babies daily routine. Babies love to splash around in the water and often have a lot of fun playing with their toys or simply enjoying the company of their parents. This time with your baby is so important for the overall development of your relationship as shared time with both baby and parent is crucial in developing a strong and loving bond between baby and parent. Baby bath time allows for both the baby and the parents to bond and become closer to each other creating a happier and more relaxing mood for both parties. 

Not only are our baby baths fun and exciting for both the baby and the parents, but our baby bath tubs also allow for increased comfort and safety for your child. Our easy to use baths allow for a safe environment for your baby. Our infant bath products are designed for safety and comfort, featuring an ergonomic shape that conforms to the baby’s back. It has soft pads surrounding the seat, which provide security and stability. The drainage holes make it easy for water to drain out into the sink or tub when you rinse your little one off. Developed for the early days, our soft bath seats are perfect for positioning you're newborn in the tub. The wide base keeps your baby safe and secure, and the reinforced sides provide extra support at all times allowing you to fully enjoy and cherish this time with your child. 

Alongside our baby bath products, there are extra accessories to help ensure your babies enjoyment of bath time. Bath toys and other safety features can further ensure your Childs satisfaction and safety whilst you enjoy these precious moments with each other. 

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