Baby Bath Toys

Make bathtime funtime with an array of bath toys from the more traditional rubber duck, to foam stickers, boats, crayons and even musical bath toys. Adding bath toys to your little one's bathtime routine can make it even more enjoyable and Make bathtime funtime with an array of bath toys from the more traditional rubber duck, to foam Read More
Baby Bath Toys
Baby Bath Toys
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Here we have curated some popular bath toys that can turn bathtime into funtime:

Rubber Ducks: Rubber ducks are a classic bath toy that never goes out of style. They float in the water and can be squeezed, making them perfect for imaginative play during bath time.

Foam Stickers: Foam stickers are designed to stick to the sides of the bathtub or tiles when wet. They come in various shapes and colours, allowing your child to create their own scenes or stories during bath time.

Bath Boats: Bath boats are small floating vessels that can be played within the water. They often come with removable characters or figures that can be placed inside the boats, adding an element of pretend play to bath time.

Bath Crayons: Bath crayons are specially made for drawing on wet surfaces like bathtubs or tiles. They are easy to clean and wash off after bath time, allowing your child to get creative and express themselves while getting clean.

Musical Bath Toys: Musical bath toys can add a fun and interactive element to bath time. These toys often play tunes or create sounds when placed in water or interacted with, enhancing sensory stimulation and enjoyment.

It's important to ensure that the bath toys you choose are age-appropriate and safe for your child. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage and supervision to ensure a safe and enjoyable bath time experience.

Remember, never leave your child unattended during bath time, especially when using bath toys or any other water-related activities. Safety should always be a top priority.

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